Policy modelling

Track chairs:

Petra Ahrweiler (Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, Germany)
Bruce Edmonds (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)
Ruth Meyer (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK)

List of presentations

AuthorsTitleType of SubmissionPresentation Time
David AnzolaThe Turn to Policy in Agent-based Computational Social Science: What does it Entail?Full paper30 min
Alexander Melchior, Frank Dignum and Marcela RuizA Closer Look at Dutch Policy DevelopmentFull paper30 min
Gian Maria Campedelli, Francesco Calderoni, Mario Paolucci, Tommaso Comunale, Daniele Vilone, Federico Cecconi and Giulia AndrighettoA Policy-oriented Agent-based Model of Recruitment into Organized CrimeFull paper30 min
Christopher Frantz and Saba SiddikiCan Agents Inform Policy? Exploring Enforcement Characteristics of an Organic Farming Certification SchemeFull paper30 min
Umberto Gostoli and Eric SilvermanSocial and Child Care Provision and Kinship Networks: an ABM ModelFull paper30 min
Gary Polhill, Matt Hare, David Anzola, Tom Bauermann, Thomas French, Hannah Post and Doug SaltUsing ABMs for prediction: Two thought experiments and a workshopFull paper30 min
Antoni Perello-Moragues, Pablo Noriega, Lucia Alexandra Popartan and Manel PochOn three ethical aspects involved in using agent-based social simulation for policy-makingFull paper30 min
Florian Chávez-Juárez, Alejandro Blasco, Lucy Hackett and Georgina TrujilloA multi-purpose agent-based model of the healthcare systemExtended abstract15 min
Fredrik Cullberg JanssonFraud detection and compliance – analyzing stability of social security systems with ABMExtended abstract15 min
Tom Bauermann, Michael Roos and Frederik SchaffACE Policy Experiments: A protocol for transparent scenario selection and presentationExtended abstract15 min
Gertjan Hofstede, Eduardo Franco, Femke Damen and Vincenzo FoglianoHealthy snacks from Mom? an Agent-Based Model reflecting a survey in three countriesExtended abstract15 min