Poster Session

Tobias Buchmann, Patrick Wolf and Stefan FidaschekStimulating e-mobility diffusion in Germany: An agent-based simulation approach
Guido Fioretti, Cristina Boari and Vincenza OdoriciBounded Rationality and Knowledge Development Among Clustered and Isolated Firms
Catalina Canals, Enrique Canessa, Sergio Chaigneau and Alejandra MizalaSchool choice: A model of social networks’ role in decision making
Said Benjamin Bonakdar and Michael RoosDissimilarity discounts in house prices: What is the value of similar neighbours?
D. Cale Reeves, Matthew Haley, Amara Uyanna and Varun RaiPriming the W-O-M pump: Seeding Information to Increase Adoption Behavior
Michel Schilperoord, Demain Frank and Petra AhrweilerAn entrepreneurship and tech-transfer tool in silico: Combining an AI system on management advice with an agent-based simulation of innovation networks
Maia JanowitzExploring how tech-distractions impact society through social simulation (A project idea)
Marco CivicoSimulating the EU Linguistic Landscape: Language Regimes and Consequences for Linguistic Disenfranchisement
Amineh Ghorbani, Giangiacomo Bravo, Molood Ale Ebrahim Dehkordi, Mike Farjam, Rene van Weeren, Anders Forsman and Tine de MoorLong term dynamics of institutions: an empirically tested model
Sabin Roman and Erika PalmerA dynamic model of cognitive and emotional states in Pride and Prejudice
Hyesop Shin and Mike BithellEstimating Pedestrian’s Exposure to Long-term Ambient Air Pollution in Seoul Districts: Development and Application using an Agent-based Simulation
Lukas Drees and Stefan LiehrNo more nomads? How social-ecological dynamics change pastoralists’ livelihood strategies
Stien Snellinx, Anouk Mertens, Jef Van Meensel, Ludwig Lauwers and Jeroen BuysseGrass for livestock or grass for the circular biobased economy? An agent-based analysis on the effects for climate change and manure treatment
Matthew HareBiodiversity Offset Gaming (BOff-G) – an agent-based model for assessing the risk of biodiversity offsetting policies being gamed
Javanshir Fouladvand, Amineh Ghorbani, Niek Mouter and Paulien HerderUrban thermal commons: A model of the new community energy system
Poornima Belavadi, Laura Burbach, Patrick Halbach, Martina Ziefle and André Calero ValdezStudying the Effects of Recommendation using Agent-Based Modeling
Matthias Mueller, Kristina Bogner and Johannes DahlkeAssessing the Potential of Unsupervised Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Networks in Innovation Research
Patrick Steinmann, Hilde Tobi and George van VoornReview of resilience metrics for socially influenced complex adaptive systems
Tanzhe Tang, Amineh Ghorbani and Caspar Chorus The Effects of Obfuscation on Opinion Dynamics
Przemyslaw Szufel, Bogumil Kaminski, Carmine Spagnuolo, Alessia Antelmi, Gennaro Cordasco, Pawel Pralat and Vittorio ScaranoSimpleHypergraphs.jl - a new library for simulation of social networks represented as hypergraps
Clemens HartenReasoning about Risks: Using Bayesian Belief Networks to Model Multi-Agent Risk Assessment
Ruth Meyer, Won Do Lee and Jon BannisterCrimCity -- A Simulation Model of Urban Crime
Sebastian Achter, Christiane Palaretti Bernardo, Melania Borit, Edmund Chattoe-Brown and Peer-Olaf SiebersThe RAT Protocol: A Proposal for Enhancing Rigor and Transparency of Data Use in the Agent-Based Modeling Process
Timea Jung and Zhanli SunModeling farmers’ decision to cooperate using agent-based modeling approach