Track chair

Gary Polhill


List of presentations

AuthorsTitleType of SubmissionPresentation Time
Ernesto CarrellaNo free lunch when estimating simulation parametersFull paper30 min
Gertjan Hofstede and Émile ChappinIconic patterns in Agent-Based ModellingFull paper30 min
Doug Salt and Gary PolhillA NetLogo plug-in to secure data using GNUs Pretty Good Privacy software suiteFull paper30 min
Andreas KochA Plea for Modelling Geographical Spaces – because they do not exist as suchExtended abstract15 min
Agata Komendant-Brodowska, Wander Jager, Katarzyna Abramczuk, Anna Baczko-Dombi, Nataliia Sokolovska, Benedikt Fecher and Tom SpitsPeek over the fence - how to introduce students to Computational Social SciencesExtended abstract15 min
Guus ten Broeke, George Van Voorn, Arend Ligtenberg and Jaap MolenaarThe use of surrogate models to analyse ABMsExtended abstract15 min
Patrick Steinmannaul: A Python package to export NetLogo runs in social media-friendly moving image formatsExtended abstract15 min
Corinna Elsenbroich and Barbara BefaniA Toolbox Approach for Complexity MethodsExtended abstract15 min
Nanda Wijermans, Harko Verhagen and Andreas LytterAn online implementation of a virtual agent-based experiment tool - an explorationExtended abstract15 min