Values, norms and salience: Modelling socio-economic behavior

Models based on the idea of rational choice and underlying preferences, i.e. related to classical game theory, are still predominant in contemporary social sciences, including but not limited to economics, mathematical sociology and political science. Yet, it is a well-known fact that such models are methodologically limited in their ability to account for reciprocal behaviour (networks), uncertainty (knowledge) and non-optimising behaviour (bounded rationality). Alternative approaches model behaviour based on, e.g., individual values and social norms. In addition, actual behaviour often depends on the contextual choice situation, what is sometimes referred to as salience of choice attributes. Such approaches reflect a large body of literature in (social) psychology and sociology but also its heterogeneity – there is no such thing as a consensus theory/model.

In this special session, we aim at reflecting the heterogeneity and potentials of such different approaches with state-of-the art applications. The potential outcome of the session is a better integration of different approaches, as the participants will increase their scope of knowledge. An incomplete and by no means representative list of such approaches to socio-economic behaviour includes Psychological Game Theory, theories based on satisfaction, theories based on values and moral behaviour, theories based on social networks, theories that cope with explicit decision context, theories based on artificial intelligence / cognition, etc.

We highly welcome original theoretical work (simulation models) that formalises such alternative approaches and/or apply them to specific problem sets and questions. As we proclaim a lack of integration of the different approaches, or at least a lack of overview, comprehensive review papers that tackle any of the issues mentioned are also highly welcome.


Track chairs

  • Frederik Schaff (Ruhr-Universität Bochum),
  • Marcin Czupryna (Cracow University of Economics)

Keywords: Norms, Values, Salience


List of presentations

AuthorsTitleType of SubmissionPresentation Time
Michał Kot and Bogumił KamińskiAgent based model of cross media reach of advertisingFull paper30 min
Marcin Czupryna, Michał Jakubczyk, Bogumił Kamiński and Paweł OleksyEndogenous trading venue selectionFull paper30 min
Gary PolhillCould a belief in the afterlife support the evolution of cooperation?Full paper30 min
Guillaume Deffuant, Omid Roozmand and Sylvie HuetCan gossips enhance or destroy group hierarchies?Full paper30 min
Dimitry RtischevA socioeconomic simulation of agents competing to belong and working to pay for itExtended abstract15 min
Geeske Scholz, Tobias Eberhard, Robin Ostrowski and Nanda WijermansSocial identity in agent-based models – exploring the state of the artExtended abstract15 min
Hannah Muelder and Tatiana FilatovaAlternative approaches to operationalize qualitative behavioral concepts in a formal modelExtended abstract15 min
Martin Neumann and Ulf LotzmannSanction recognition: An agent-based model of reasoning on aggression Extended abstract15 min
Frederik Schaff and Marcin CzuprynaLinking Economic Performance to ValuesPoster15 min