High performance distributed agent‐based simulation modeling in the Julia programming language

Date: 23 September 2019
Duration: 3 or 4 hours
Place: SSC2019
Instructors: Bogumil Kaminski, Przemyslaw Szufel
Contact: bogumil.kaminski@gmail.com

The goal of this workshop is to help social scientists to leverage the power of Julia language to more efficiently build and run large scale agent‐based simulation models.
We will start with an introductory information about the Julia language. In the main part of the workshop we will present how to design and run a large scale simulation of commuter behavior taking into account a real life road network data. The model features up to 1 million of autonomous agents individually making decisions about preferred routing. We will show how to run experiments with this model on a massively parallelized infrastructure.
The workshop will be hands‐on for those who are interested to follow the examples on their computers. We will distribute to the registered participants the information about how they should configure their laptops before the conference.